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My dog's are all PRA tested, and the first to enter the IVDD program was Evelyn in 2016,
then Tyrion 2017, Holly, Faydin & Gabi 2019. 

As with humans, any dog may have an inherited disorder as a consequence of the genes passed down from its parents. As well as recessive genes which can remain "hidden" for many generations. A responsible breeder is aware of the inherited disorders that affect the Dachshund breed, and will make use of the recommended DNA or clinical screening tests, as appropriate. We do the following test's on our dogs:

  1. cord1 PRA - Progressive Retinal Atrophy - a Carrier dog will remain perfectly healthy and never succumb to the disease, but care has to be taken that only mating to a Clear dog be done to ensure that only Clear or Carrier pups result and never Affected ones.
  2. IVDD - Inervertebral Disc Disease (this can only be done between 24 and 42 months)

There are other conditions that can present it's self in the Dachshund breed such as

Pes Varus.This is considered a mutation of a recessive gene which can occure quite unexpectedly, at this stage there is no known tests. 

A mutation causing Lafora disease in dogs has been identified and a genetic test is only available overseas to identify dogs at risk, carriers and dogs free of the mutation. Lafora disease is one of the most severe forms of epilepsy to which the miniature wirehaired dachshund is predisposed. 


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